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TOUR OF WRECKS ... just for fans 5 days and 4 nights for an attractive route for diving fans.


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Discovering the Sicilian sea and Catania , its culture of its most original and unexplored, discover with us the history, customs, myths, nature and the natural beauty with our itineraries historical cultural and educational, both ground that of sea, land and sea excursions and walks in boat all year round.

Explore with us the most unusual corners and inaccessible of our banks and our villages Marini, natural parks and marine and land of our coasts.
Come and visit us we are in the seaside village of acitrezza.

For tourism or for Passion Infinitomare is with you all year every day

                         Enjoy your stay in Sicily

INFINITOMARE  - Aci trezza.


10 ways to discover another Sicily above and below the sea

7 routes for a tourist  or traveler who wants to discover the marine villages, the coastlines and the most beautiful and inaccessible tunny-fishing nets.

2 Mini-Cruises sailing one day, for discover Sicily from two points of view "exclusive.

1  divng Tour for enthusiasts people who wish discover the 7 most beautiful and fascinating shipwrecks stationed along the island periplus.
Choose your favorite one, request information or book it.


How to Book the routes and INFINITOMARE services

Booking on-line directly from your personal Computer......

Report to the voice Routes you will find the specifications of the proposed courses and the general characteristics of the path.
Report to the voice Indicates the Interest you can make reservations and/or request a quote.
The service includes our costumers home pick up at host receptive structure


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