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TOUR OF WRECKS ... just for fans 5 days and 4 nights for an attractive route for diving fans.


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Infinito Mare Team


INFINITOMARE The team is composed of enthusiasts who have chosen to passion and enthusiasm to bring to the attention of tourists and visitors and enthusiasts the result of years of experience in the past for hobby and professional sports needs to discover the most exclusive sites of sea and environmental Sicily, real wonders of nature and "costume"largely untouched by tourism circuits of traditional.

The team is composed of enthusiasts and experts in fields ranging from photography and underwater shots, marine biology, diving instructors, experts in languages, diving enabled guides, experts on electronics and communications, history, and archaeology. Able to ensure the best care for each proposed activity by the agency, it is an essential ingredient to entertain our customers as well.

Who and What to do

Founder of and general manager, practice diving all year round with the patent Naui Dive Master, among other patents also achieved Trimix Diver with the TSA, the more different specialties.
He has always loved hiking and mountaineering sport practiced particularly in particular on the mountain and white monte rosa and activities of Speleology with CSE both in Italy and abroad in various cavities, kayaking and river descent on the main rivers and streams in Italy France and Slovenia, and Gliding with the unforgettable Angelo D'Arrigo.
Regularly organizes seminars and meetings on issues related to the sea and diving, he has collaborated with several magazines for articles on marine sites and shipwrecks is passionate in historical research and photography Wreck in Sicily, making diving on the most well-known and often sunk along the journey of the Sicilian coast.

Is actively engaged in marine tourism and land related issues and culture of the sea in particular thanks to a team of experts of the highest level and scientific background is dedicated to business tourism and for young people, tourism education.

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