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TOUR OF WRECKS ... just for fans 5 days and 4 nights for an attractive route for diving fans.


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Wreck Tour of Sicily - Diving

An attractive route for experienced divers, lovers of wrecks, a journey to discover the 7 wrecks of the most significant and spectacular in their technical and environmental history in 5 island provinces, eachone in a unique environment.

Ideal for those who want to plan a trip that combines a passion for diving on the wreck with the discovery of unique and unusual aspects of the territory.

Provinces visited: Catania-Messina-Syracuse-Trapani -Portopalo (sr)

Wrecks: Terni - BOWESFIELD - VAL Fiorita - CAPUA - KENT -JUNKER 52 -WRECK OF NEVADA. (Read the description after the General Information)


Target: Experts patent divers with deep and mimicking advanced

Difficulty level: MEDIUM / MEDIUM-HIGH

Period: May to September

Sea & Land Tour

Duration: duration gg.4 Full day (single day)

Air-conditioned small pullman and boat

Features: Boat Dives (included)
Facilities (included) BOTTLE - Lead - GUIDE - BOTTLE DECO (if applicable)
Facilities on request: accessories, gav, dumb, other not mentioned in "included"

The land route is designed to allow you to discover the most significant environmental aspects that characterize the area and the surrounding area.

Home pick up c / o Receptive Structures (Catania and surrounding municipalities)

Activities: diving, marine biology-history-photo-video

Participants: Divers minimum. 5 max 10

Accompanying Max No. 5

Reservations required


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Name: Terni
Wreck: Merchant Ship
Location: Santa Maria La Scala Catania
Maximum depth: -40 m

French ship mixed passenger and freight then passed to the Royal Navy and renamed as the "Terni". On the evening of June 16th, 1943 it was hit by a torpedo launched from close range by the British submarine HMS Unison. In dive the wreck lies upside down at the foot of the wall, on a sandy bottom 40 meters deep. Remain fully visible the impressive long keel over 100 meters, the large helix with its axis in the single-ended steam boiler located amidships, the bow shattered that pointing up and the pair of massive chains remained on the wall and ending with two big anchors. The presence of groupers, moray eels, lobsters, polyps. The walls offer a mosaic of splendid colors.


Difficulty: Average
Maximum depth: 45 mt-

English steamer sunk in 1892, the bow of the wreck is located at -32 meters, the bridge site at about half the ship is already at a depth of 47 meters, going down again but only for technical divers at 65 meters is possible to inspect the cockpit of the helix, where now it is only visible axis.
The first impact is breathtaking, it almost has the impression of being hit by the huge watershed, the ship is there motionless for more than a century, you can see the sponge-like concretions that cover every inch, more exposed to the raging currents of the strait.


Difficulty: High
Maximum depth: -45-50 m

The Valfiorita is one of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the area of %u200B%u200Bthe Strait of Messina,
The motorship left the port of Messina to reach Palermo, originally built for commercial and converted for military use during World War II carrying perishable goods, explosives, military vehicles and weapons, was direct in Africa. It was sunk in July 1943 a few miles off Punta Faro by the British submarine HMS Ultor, the shots with a torpedo in the bow area, causing a series of violent explosions. Vain were the attempts to head to the ground, it snapped in two and sank off the coast of myrtle on a sandy bottom that varies from -65 to -71 meters, perfectly balanced.

In diving, you can visit the great hold of the stern and see what remains of its last load consists of trucks, cars and motorcycles at the time.


Depth: min. 28 max 39
Degree of difficulty: medium
Current: media
Level of visibility: good

Armed ship sunk during World War II, sunk a few hundred meters from the coast near the border of the Natural Reserve of Zingaro. The wreck is in good condition and he begins to glimpse the outline just a few meters from the dropdown. The ship is resting at a depth of 40 meters as if it was still balanced. Large fauna present.
Italian merchant ship, length 44.19 meters, width 7.60, gross tonnage 430 tons, was intended to Tripoli with a cargo of arms intended for Italian troops in Africa.

A curious note about the commander, who in the midst of the fire, returned on board a boat to retrieve a small sized dog minute, named Capua, who gave out of gratitude to the most beautiful girl in the country.


Depth: min. 47 max 52
Degree of difficulty: inpegnativo
Current: Medium to strong
Level of visibility: good

The wreck of Kent lies in good condition at a depth of 50 m, resting on the sand, in order of navigation, as if it were housed on its cradle. Going down the line of reference, the wreck is visible around 25mt. Already on the yards there are many forms of life of brilliant colors. Further down, at an altitude-47mt. lobsters, groupers, moray eels, bream and Redfish stay comfortably in dashboard or in the engine room.

Category: First World War German fighter 2
rofondità min: 45 meters
Bottom: sand
Depth ': 46mt
Level: difficult - Tec rec

Perhaps the most 'famous and the most ' typical dive the coast of Palermo: the wreckage of a Junkers 52 (German fighter of World War 2 *) which lies on a sandy bottom at a depth 'of 46 mt.
Living in the wreck: the imposing size of lobsters, groupers from 20 to 40 kg. and eels that reach up to 2-3 mt. in length, and which 'can be given to eat and with whom and' can be immortalized in memorable photos


The merchant ship "Nevada", of Italian nationality, sank a short distance from the town of Avola, in the province of Syracuse, in January 1979. The wreck lies on a sandy plateau that exceeds 55 feet deep resting on the bottom navigation trim with the bow facing South - South West ..

The wreck of this ship is known as "Nave dei Salei". In fact, among other things, the ship was carrying several tons of pure salt from the salt pans of Trapani ..

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